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Creating a better world is for us to decide, and you.

Either we can build products made to be thrown away, or we can create for longevity. We reduce environmental impact by constantly improving what we build and how we operate.

Life Cycle

Ultimate sustainability: durability is our focus. Enjoy lifetime warranties on bags, limited ones on apparel, with our MAP Guarantee. Our Repairs Program revives beloved products, keeping them in action.


Our products thrive thanks to our dedicated manufacturing teams. 100% of our factory partners are certified and audited for safe, lawful, humane, and ethical manufacturing. We prioritize people's safety and well-being, with no compromises.


Our design choices shape our products, prioritizing quality materials for longevity. Currently, 82% feature organic or recycled materials, and are free of harmful chemicals. By 2025, we will hit 100%.


Our long-term vision for improvement is clear: minimize waste, chemicals, and energy. By the end of 2024, all products will be PFC-free. By 2030, we will reach carbon neutrality through eco-friendly manufacturing and carbon offsets through reforestations and community projects. Despite challenges, we're fully committed.


We're innovating to deliver gear responsibly. Orders ship in compostable poly mailers and recycled corrugate. All hang tags and retail packaging are recyclable. By 2025, all products will feature environmental impact metrics for supply chain and lifecycle improvements.

Where we are headed

Sustainability is an ongoing journey, improving daily. Your gear choice matters. And when it comes time to decide, we hope you’ll consider all the ways we’re reducing global carbon emissions, creating a more transparent supply chain, and being as good to the world as it’s always been to us.