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Article: Staff Picks: Best Holiday Gifts for 2020

Staff Picks: Best Holiday Gifts for 2020
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Staff Picks: Best Holiday Gifts for 2020

Well, what can we say? 2020 was a pretty wild year.

And now that the temperatures are starting to dip it’s about time to figure out how to wind down this year that seemed like a decade with a bit of positivity. The gatherings and celebrations might have to be a little bit smaller this year, but the feeling of being together, virtual or not, is a great way to celebrate.

Along with that, the feeling you get from giving that perfect gift will stay the same. We asked a handful of the Topo crew to share what they believe to be the best items in our lineup for this holiday season and why it is the Dirt Pants from our new Dirt Collection.

Mark, Founder/CEO

I couldn’t be more excited about our apparel lineup this fall. It feels like so many things have come together in an amazing way – which makes it a challenge to pick just a few items!


Two pieces I can’t stop talking about:

Twill 5-Pocket Pants - They hit the perfect sweet spot between wearing “real pants” (can’t wear sweats forever), but they still have amazing comfort with a little bit of stretch. I love that they are something I can wear all the time, a true repeatable basic that works across a ton of situations; whether biking with my daughter or grabbing coffee with some CEO I’m trying to learn from.

Global Sweater - While it's not new for this season, it’s still a closet staple. This sweatshirt fires on so many cylinders for me – it’s made of 60% recycled material, has a wool component and is easy to wash. It’s a great sweater for a lazy Saturday morning or a more formal occasion!

Jennifer Maupin, Apparel Developer

I’m currently obsessed with pretty much everything so it was hard narrowing it down!

Women’s Puffer Parka - This is the jacket I’ve been waiting for! The length is perfect, the fit is great, and the removable hood is a key feature I love. It’s been the perfect weight to throw on for chilly mornings. Also, because of the length, I like dressing it up a bit to throw on to head out to dinner!

Dirt Pants - Everyone needs these pants! The fit is perfect and the fabric is insanely comfortable. These are my go-to pants for weekends in the mountains or just for hanging out at home. I’ve bought them in multiple colors!

Standard Pack - I love the classic look of this bag and the size. It’s the perfect size to throw my laptop and work stuff into and the large zippers function better than any other bag I’ve owned. You can’t go wrong with this bag!

Bradley, Store Manager

Dirt Pant - For me, the best thing I own has to be the Dirt Pants. As a sustainability student, I’m really into that aspect of the design; I don’t think I’ve taken them off since I got them (which is longer ago than I care to admit). They’re comfortable and look great lounging at home, hanging at the store, or embarrassing myself at the skatepark.

Insulated Shirt Jacket - This thing is a must-have. I grabbed one as soon as I opened the box when they got into the store. It’s a perfect mid-weight jacket for chilly days. Layer it with a hoodie and you’re set for all but the coldest Colorado days.

Hip Pack - A good hip pack is a fashion essential these days, and they’re pretty dang handy as well. I don’t like loading up my pockets with stuff, especially riding a bike or out skating. A hip pack is a convenient way to carry all your daily essentials and then some and to look good doing it.

Khristian, Apparel Designer

Global Full Zip - I really love the Global Full Zip because it feels like I can wear it with everything. It's really warm and it feels like a statement piece.

Denim 5-Pocket Pants - I love the 5 Pocket Pants—they are my go-to when I need a classic, flattering pair of jeans.

Matt Macchi, Warehouse Shipping Lead

Dirt Pants - The new Dirt Pants are incredible and a new favorite of mine from Topo. I have been alternating through a few pairs since they released and haven't touched any of my other pants. They are light and stretchy, but durable enough for me to hike, bike, and go anywhere with these pants. Tough on the trail, but almost feel like sweatpants around the house. The drawstring waist is also a rad touch. I normally pair them with my other favorite item, Town Socks. Now available in Tie-Dye which is in my heavy rotation.

Klettersack - My everyday bag is the Klettersack. Fits everything I need for the week while being able to hold enough for a multi-day trip. I really enjoy the Cordura exterior and the size of the bag. Looks even better with some wear and tear.

Gail Murray, Accounting

Mountain Pack - The silver Mountain Pack was my very first piece of Topo gear and it remains my absolute favorite. I’ve used this bag for bike commuting and day hikes, but now it is my dedicated climbing bag. At the gym or at the crag this bag can carry all my gear AND all my snacks and, let’s be honest, I wouldn’t survive a day of climbing without my snacks.

Mountain Shirt - The clothing item I’m most likely to throw on when it starts getting chilly? My Mountain Shirt. This is probably my favorite fall/winter piece because it’s thick enough to keep away the chill, while the bright pops of color make it fashion-forward and fun.

Dirt Pants - The Dirt Pants are my new favorite clothing item. Baggy and breathable enough to feel cozy and offer flexible movement, but durable enough to bang my knees a time or two on the rock with no wear and tear. (Trust me, I’d much rather be headbanging than knee banging, but you have to be prepared for it all!).

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