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Article: Made for Moms

Made for Moms

Made for Moms

Mountain Mom

Mountain moms must be ready for anything when it comes to getting outside with kids. Versatile layers come in handy for changing conditions, a small bag filled with essentials is there to combat meltdowns, and of course a camera strap to help capture the memories.

"I hate massive, hot, heavy backpacks that weigh me down on the trail, so I keep the Quick Pack in the trunk of my car for those weekend hikes. I can sling it across my body or wear it around my waist if I need to put my six-year-old on my shoulders for a bit. If we run into town after the hike, I can put on the shoulder strap, stash the waist belt and use it as a purse for the day." - Becky, Marketing

Camera Strap, Mini Map Hat, Plaid Women's Work Shirt, Heavyweight Pocket Tee, Topo Designs x Miir Water Bottle, Micro Accessory Bag, Quick Pack, Women's Camp Shorts, Web Belt

New Mom

For new moms, simplicity is key. A single-piece outfit is the answer to sleepless nights and no time to pick out what to wear in the morning. These coveralls go on quick, are super comfortable, and look perfectly chic when running to the store for more diapers. Throw in a small bag for newborn essentials and you'll be ready to tackle the day.

"I use the Quick Pack as a purse or diaper bag for short trips (grocery, park, etc.). It's really comfortable and versatile for being on the move with a little one that's running everywhere. I can access most things with just one hand which is nice... I can't imagine going back to an actual purse." - Erica, Design

Women's Coveralls, Topo Designs x Miir Tumbler, Accessory Bags, Quick Pack

Working Mom

The working mom (or, 'Superhero mom') transitions from one busy job to the next, from the office and back at home. Versatile and comfortable pieces that work well in both environments are essential. And forget about a giant black-hole of a bag, something small and lightweight is easy to empty out and refill after a day at the office and onto an evening bike ride with the kids.

"Our Quick Pack (and I mean 'our' because my husband uses it as much as I do) acts two-fold for me during the week—one to carry my wallet, phone, and an easy lunch during the day, and two—to reload and pack snacks for our girls at school pick-up before ballet lessons. On the weekends it's slung around my shoulder or his waist for light hikes or longer bike rides. Its versatility is spot-on." - Kate, Wife of Rick - Marketing

Women's Shirt Dress, Women's Mountain Jacket, Micro Accessory Bag, Quick Pack

Need other ideas for the best bags for moms? Our Topo Designs moms also recommend:

"Travel Bag - Perfect for a mom's weekend getaway. Plenty of room to stuff with goodies purchased along the way!" – Alison

"I've been rocking the  Topo Designs x Woolrich Cinch Tote. Each of the four side pockets keep my keys and phone, tea cup, business cards and sunglasses. Deep enough to tote a MacBook Air and snacks. Because the one with the most snacks wins!" – Donna

"I've been using the Rover Pack for my daughter's soccer... it can hold a blanket, her extra clothes, a water bottle, snacks, and my wine!" – Kate

"I have the Klettersack I take to my office so I can have my laptop, lunch, workout clothes all in one place. How do people carry fancy bags with no space? I bike or hike to work." – Wendy