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Article: Off-Road Colorado


Off-Road Colorado

Jeff Cormack, the multi-talented founder of the band South of France, takes us on an off-road adventure through the Colorado Rocky Mountains - capturing peak fall in the high country.

The Goal: Denver to Telluride touching as little pavement as possible 

After a hectic summer of shows and 2 years spent writing, recording and playing music in dark rooms, dive bars, festivals, and clubs, I was feeling a little burnt out. Serendipitously one afternoon while in the midst of recording our second album, my love for old Land Rovers and outdoor adventures lead me to spend hours watching old Camel Trophy footage online, and I got incredibly inspired to create my own little off-road adventure through Colorado.

I grew up in the mountains of Colorado and have spent my entire life outdoors. I’ve hiked, biked, snowboarded, cross-country skied, snowshoed, snowmobiled, ran, rafted, canoe’d, backpacked, climbed all over this amazing state but I’ve never gone off-roading… 4 wheel driving… I don’t even know the right name for it, but I feel like everyone who lives in Colorado needs to have one big off-road experience to talk about. My parents used to do it an old Datsun and their stories and photos are incredible. So, with some help from Land Rover, my dad, and the internet…. I cleaned out my bag of cameras, stocked up on film, prepped my truck, and started planning an awesome trip through some of my favorite parts of the state.

You can take the stress-free 8 hour route on pavement or the 5 day route on dirt….