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Article: Patagonia, Chile


Patagonia, Chile

James Florio and his brother set out to to explore Torres de Paine National Park on the Chilean side of Patagonia, at the southern tip of the Andes Mountains.

Even more maniacal than the landscape itself, the weather of this region is some of the most erratic and severe in the world. Things get weird that far south.

On a typical summer day, Patagonia will throw all extremes at you. One hour you're surviving 100 mph winds in your car, rain slicing through the sky at 45°, and the next your standing still in the expanse, looking at a rainbow, the hot sun urging you to consider a dip in the alpine waters. The skies cleared up just long enough for James to capture these amazing shots of our Travel Bag, Klettersack, Rover Pack and Mountain Jacket venturing out.